About Us

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Pacific Forage Bag Supply has been in the business of Agriculture since 1995. Established exclusively as an Ag-Bag Dealer selling silage equipment and plastic, Bryan and Diane Arthur have enabled the company to evolve and now also provide the exclusive Prairie Pacific Seeds Corn Seed Hybrids as well as Lallemand products including “Biotal” inoculants. The evolution has also brought on a passion for compost and Pacific Forage Bag Supply has been using the Ag-Bag Environmental Composting technology since 1998 composting for both rural and urban projects. Bryan and Diane enjoy meeting their clientele’s needs as well developing new ways to meet the requirements of an ever changing agricultural landscape. Please take a look at the products and services we can provide and contact us with any question you may have.

2012 Corn Trials

Contact local seed rep or Alexis at 604 319 0376 for more details.

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